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While the ultimate winners of The Block 2018 have yet to be declared – at least until the auction at The Gatwick on October 27 – Kerrie and Spence’s apartment wins in popularity issues.

An account of Blocklist views on Domain (as of October 13) shows that the South Australian’s apartment has more than 240,000 since it was first listed on August 27.

The next closest was the Queenslanders apartment Norm and Jess, whose penthouse apartment just hadover 204,000 views.

Kerrie and Spence’s cuisine is a great asset to buyers.

West Australians’ apartment Courtney and Hans had the fewest views, but still managed to get over 165,000 people to view it online. By the way, their apartment is also listed with the lowest price, starting at $ 2.2 million.

Unsurprisingly, Kerrie and Spence’s apartment also scored winning numbers on Areas Facebook and Instagram. They share the lead with Bianca and Carla on Twitter.

Jess and Norm's terrace
Jess and Norm’s expansive patio may have helped their apartment become the second most popular.

While Courtney and Hans were the least popular in terms of online views, the couple had the most popular apartment on Domain’s Pinterest account, edging out Kerrie and Spence.

Courtney and Hans's kitchen
Courtney and Hans had 165,000 ad views and are proving popular on Pinterest.

Kerrie and Spence’s agent, Hocking Stuart Emilie adams, said she was not surprised by the popularity of the apartment in 1/34 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, priced between $ 2.5 and $ 2.7 million.

“I think Kerrie and Spence’s apartment is amazing – it’s the best of The block in my opinion, ”Ms. Adams said.

Ms Adams, who is perhaps only a little biased on behalf of her clients, has been involved in three different rounds of The block. She said Kerrie and Spence’s apartment has been her favorite of all the seasons she’s worked on.

“This is one of the larger apartments, with a large office and separate laundry room, and all of the bedrooms are larger than the apartments above,” Ms. Adams said.

She said the couple’s kitchen turns out to be a great draw card for shoppers with the perfect layout for cooking and entertaining at the same time.

“These are the key areas that people seem to like,” Ms. Adams said.

Hocking Stuart has so far received hundreds of inquiries for Kerrie and Spence’s apartment, with some potential buyers returning for three of the four inspections.

“We are as prepared as possible,” Ms. Adams said. “Come on auction day it’s up to [the people who viewed the property] to raise your hand and bid.

Gatwick Flats will go under a hammer on Saturday 27 October and the winners will be revealed during the following night’s edition of The block.

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