Tesla CyberWhistle Online Listing Disappears | Page Not Found Error 404


Tesla’s CyberWhistle online listing has disappeared into thin air from billionaire Elon Musk’s EV tech giant’s website.

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Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk verbally reacts to the all-new electric battery-powered Tesla Cybertruck with shattered glass on the windows following a demonstration that didn’t go as planned on November 21 2019 at the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, CA.

For now, visitors to his site are greeted with a “Page Not Found Error 404” message instead of his actual listing.

This comes a week after the Tesla CyberWhistle was sold in China, where replicas or counterfeits have started to sprout like mushrooms, sporting cheaper prices.

The same is true in the United States, the CyberWhistle also sold out after its debut on December 1, 2021, where its CEO and founder of Tesla urged people to buy it instead of Apple’s cleaning cloth which costs $19.

Tesla CyberWhistle Online Listing Disappears

According to the Tesla North report, the online listing for the Tesla CyberWhistle has already disappeared from its website.

Tesla Cyberwhistle

(Photo: Tesla)

As such, those who attempt to visit its page are now redirected to an error landing page with no explanation as to why the CyberWhistle cannot be found.

Tesla CyberWhistle

Tesla’s CyberWhistle sports a design heavily inspired by the Musk-led firm’s next electric pickup, the Cybertruck.

The automaker says the Tesla Whistle features a medical-grade stainless steel material for its body, which gave it a similar look to the metallic finish of the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cyberwhistle

(Photo: Tesla)

Essentially, the Tesla CyberWhistle, like any whistle, emits a sound when its users blow air into it.

Tesla CyberWhistle in China

According to Teslarati’s report, the CyberWhistle is more expensive in China than in the United States. To be more specific, it costs up to $55.07 in the Asian country. On the other hand, here in the US it is only up to $50.

In addition to this, the outlet further noted in the same report that the whistle sold in the nation of China resembles what is available in the United States.

However, it should be noted that the Tesla CyberWhistle listing in China indicates that the American electric vehicle giant does not accept any returns for said product. It comes as the whistle “can touch the mouth” of its users.

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Counterfeits Tesla CyberWhistle

With CyberWhistle stocks rapidly swept away, cheaper knockoffs are now selling in China for a third of the price of the real Tesla Whistle.

Teslarati said in the same report that some of the counterfeits even sell for as low as $18.57, which is significantly cheaper than the legitimate one.

However, interestingly, one of the Chinese replicas exceeded the CyberWhistle’s actual sale price, which carries the price of $295.06.

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