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The Chapman receives an undisclosed percentage of sales, which is calculated on a quarterly basis. The sign will be available through Pottery Barn for a limited time.

The Chapman also has a license agreement with retailer Burke Décor to print the Stoddard photos. Sales have been disappointing so far, but they can be produced without a large upfront investment as they are printed on demand.

Weidner said the process has been educational, if a little difficult.

The museum was responsible for the research and legal costs to erase the items for reproduction. Another article was under consideration for the upcoming Pottery Barn catalog, but that deal fell through due to copyright issues.

For future ventures, Weidner said he would make sure there aren’t any intellectual property issues earlier in the process.

“Everything looks good until you really get into the details,” he said. “It’s taking longer than expected. “

When the replica hit catalogs last week, The Chapman pulled the original out of storage and displayed it in their gift shop.

Weidner said he had already been contacted by a few people who had seen him online and wanted to know more about the agent whose name is on the sign.

“It’s a pretty expensive item, but it’s sure to grab people’s attention,” he said.



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