H-D1 ™ Marketplace Becomes America’s Largest Online Ads Program For Used Harley Bikes



Harley Davidson Market H-D1 â„¢ is exploding with record sales in the used HD bike category – and dealer listings keep pouring in.

Originally a check mark on the list connected to Harley Davidson’s 5-year hard-wired strategy, the H-D1 â„¢ marketplace was designed To “[improve] the opportunity to [Harley-Davidson] and protect the value of [H-D] emblematic products ”, in particular targeting loyal customers who want easier access to the US company’s certified sales.

With the move to a proprietary digital platform, HD bicycle sales exposure has increased nationwide, ensuring not only HD customers a solid sale, but also a more consistent and reliable value for money that does not. not compromise on quality.

For HD, this sale also means a solid commission rate and excess contribution to the company – a welcome upgrade after rollercoaster of sales for the past year.

A view of the market downturn for Harley Davidson

The bet has paid off in spades, as Jochen Zeitz, CEO and Chairman of Harley-Davidson, said in a recent quote:

“With H-D1 ™ Marketplace, our intention was to change the face of the online used Harley-Davidson motorcycle marketplace, in line with our Hardwire priorities.

A view of a series of new and used Harley Davidson motorcycles, available at a local dealership and also on the brand new H-D1 â„¢ Marketplace

“We have seen the power of the HD Certified â„¢ program, which boosts desirability, enhances the overall customer experience and provides an additional level of confidence to our customers in their purchase. “

A mechanic prepares a Harley Davidson motorcycle for sale using the H-D1 â„¢ Marketplace

“We wanted to make sure our riders have access to the widest selection of the best Harley-Davidson motorcycles, backed by the strength of our dealers. Today we have achieved that initial goal. H-D1 ™ Marketplace will continue to evolve, and our ambition is to become the ultimate online site for used Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

A view of Harley-Davidson motorcycles lined up in Europe.

With over 22,000 used Harley-Davidson motorcycle listings and approximately 1,000 HD Certified ™ motorcycles at 540 participating US Harley-Davidson® dealerships, the H-D1 ™ Marketplace has found a niche that advertises sales intelligence in near future.

View of a rider enjoying a new Harley Davidson bike

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