Hawaii Launches Green Employer Web Directory



Industries that want a clearer picture of green jobs in Hawaii can tap into a new online resource that lists companies with green jobs on their payrolls.

The Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations released the Interactive Green Employer Directory this week.

The registry, which is part of the Hawaii Green Jobs Initiative, is intended to complement the ministry’s green jobs search engine. Job seekers can use the directory at https://lmi.ehawaii.gov/green to search for companies. The resource lists companies, briefly describes their operations, names jobs that companies consider green, and summarizes the skills and training required for the positions.

While the job search engine lists available green positions, the new directory is designed to list any company whose positions are heavily focused on responsibilities or tasks involving sustainability, whether the positions are open or not.

The lists, of course, include renewable energy system installers and conservation workers in agriculture or nature reserves. They also include the Kona Brewing Company’s sustainability coordinator, the Waikiki Beach Marriott’s director of engineering, and fellow plumbers who repair solar water storage systems.

In doing so, the directory serves as a resource for businesses, industries and others interested in gleaning information on sustainable development employment in Hawaii.

“People can see what the climate is like for green jobs in the state,” said Russell Castagnaro, president of the Hawaii Information Consortium LLC, which maintains the registry online as part of a public-private partnership with the State. The company is the portal manager for eHawaii.gov.

Hawaii was one of many states that received Recovery Act funds to study green economy development and employment. Aloha state – like California and New York, for example – conducted a business survey in 2010. A research report estimated that there were 11,145 green jobs in the private sector at the time. Hawaii, which represents about 2.4% of the state’s total private employment. use. Some 203 occupations in 19 major industry groups fell under the Labor Department’s working definition of green jobs, according to the study.

The online directory, which lists around 350 companies with 600 to 800 green jobs, draws on the survey results along with additional data, forming the first wave of information for the registry. Companies in the directory can update their lists and other companies can be added to the list, Castagnaro said.

He added that he and his colleagues hope to provide businesses with an easy way to bring their data to the registry by linking to the site from a report template that licensed businesses complete annually for the commerce department and of Hawaii consumption.

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