How Craig ‘Craigslist’ Newmark Built a $ 1 Billion Online SEO Empire



  • Craig Newmark is the founder of the Craigslist classifieds site. Newmark launched the site as an electronic newsletter called “San Francisco Events”.
  • Newmark only ran the company for five years – he stepped down as CEO in 2000 and has been devoted to philanthropy ever since.
  • More recently, tech publication The Markup – for which Newmark helped raise $ 22 million – made headlines about its staff exodus on Tuesday.
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Craig Newmark hasn’t worked at Craigslist for almost twenty years.

Instead, the billionaire founder – who launched his site in 1995 – devotes his time to philanthropy. Despite the reviews for his site negative impact on printed newspapers, Newmark is a strong supporter of journalism, donating millions to publications such as ProPublica and the Poynter Institute.

He also donated $ 20 million to an upcoming tech publication, The Markup, which made headlines on Tuesday for the exodus of its staff following the departure of its editor, Julia Angwin. The nonprofit publication was set to investigate tech companies and was to be officially launched in July.

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After a long career at IBM, Newmark started Craigslist – originally an email newsletter called “San Francisco Events” – in Silicon Valley. In a 2018 interview with Jim Edwards of Business Insider, Newmark opened up about his decision not to go the VC route and also called himself an “old-fashioned” nerd.

Read on for an overview of Craig Newmark’s life and career, from his early days at IBM to his recent interest in philanthropy.



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