PS4 redesign is supposed to appear in an online listing



Wondering what Sony might have in store for you at its PlayStation event on September 7? You strength an overview. An online classified ad SEO claims to sell a still new “slim line” PS4 which would be thinner, rounder and (let’s be honest) decidedly simpler than the original. Whether or not this would be the infamous 4K-capable Neo or not is not clear, but that seems unlikely when Sony said that Neo would be a more expensive addition to the base system – 500GB seems pretty basic to us.

We would take this apparent leak with a big grain of salt, although there are things in the photos that verify. The packaging is decidedly different from what you get with the current standard edition of the PS4, including a different model number (CUH-2016A) and a plug for PlayStation VR. What about the system itself? As longtime PlayStation fans will attest, Sony has a habit of introducing refreshed consoles that aren’t as adorned as the first-run systems. You will probably have the whole story in a few weeks.

Update: Other images emerge. Here’s a direct size comparison to the existing PlayStation 4:

Update 2: The WSJ To confirmed from anonymous sources that two new PlayStation 4 models will be unveiled at its next event.

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